Ways I Know My Kids Have A Good Dad…

So this was our week of spring break. I so enjoy my husband being home more during weeks like these (most of the time anyway 😉 ). I was reminded this week of what a great dad my kids have. He’s really a dream dad in many ways. I thought I’d list a few for posterity’s sake… or for when he irritates me again and I need to be reminded! lol!

So here are some of the ways I know my kids have a great Dad:

  • My daughter (11) just got her Easter dress in the mail. She was EAGERLY anticipating this package. She did what all girls do… she immediately washed her hands and put it on. She went to her dad and said, “Do you like my dress, Daddy?” She then blushed a little. Of course he loved it… how could he not? The fact that she wanted to show Daddy her new dress reminded of what a great dad my kids have.
  • I know my kids have a good dad when the neighborhood kids knock on the door wanting to know if Greg can come out and play with my other kids. Good… I’d say a sign my kids have a GREAT dad!
  • Yesterday boy2 wanted Greg to come play with him in the gym. He was aggravating the stew out of him if the truth be told. So once he had some free time Greg took him to the gym. A couple of my kids followed along. A little while later girl1 came in from outside and asked, “Where’s Dad?” I responded, “He went with boy2 to the gym to play.” She decided to go play in the gym where her daddy was rather than going back outside. You know your kids have a good dad when they choose were to play based on where he IS rather than where he IS NOT.
  • The number one way I know my kids have a good dad is that Greg is actively seeking to share Christ with his children as well as children in the city of New Orleans. He takes it seriously. That is a great dad.

I’m so blessed to have a Godly man as my husband and the father of my children…

Malachi 4:6
He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers


5 thoughts on “Ways I Know My Kids Have A Good Dad…

    • The Lord allows us to take those opportunities…. I’m sure I’d you’re seeking the truth of Christ your family will appreciate and respect you if.they don’t already!! Press on!!

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