Six-kid Shock

Ok. I love Target… not that it has anything to do with anything important really… just want to make all the other Target loving folk out there jealous. We have a GREAT 2 level Target here in New Orleans (Metairie actually). It’s lovely. FYI.

So the other day I took a rare trip alone to Target… to pick up a “few” things. I saw several times throughout the store a lady with a son who appeared to be around 5. He was a typical, rowdy boy. I mean that in a good way. He was bad by no means but just eager to run off, examine every clothing rack and such. From what I could tell, the mom handled the little guy well. She was beginning to look a little ragged around the edges but kept her chin up.

I get in the check out line and find myself behind the little boy and his mom. He was interested in beef-jerky so mom decided to get him some. She was much more patient than me (something I’m falsley accused of on a regular basis). She was frazzled by this point. Again, he wasn’t being bad but could have had a good, “Stand here, and don’t move… we’re nearly done.” lecture. Mom told him to hand the cashier the beef-jerkey and he suddenly thought he was Drew because he rared back like nobody’s business. Mom intercepted and appologized to the cashier. The kind cashier told her that she had raised 2 sons so she knew he had no ill intentions…

“That’s just the way little boys are.” She said.

At this point the man behind me chimed in about his son…. agreeing that they are busy and such. He then told us his wife just had their second child (a girl) and that they decided, “One and one and we’re done!!!” This was said with great ferver.

I decided to chime in (oh boy). “Yeah, he’s just a boy. We have 3 boys.” I hope you’re smiling at this point :).

The man says, “YOU HAVE 3 BOYS! BLESSSS YOUR HEART. We decided, “One and one and we’re done!!!” 

Then I immediately responded, “And 3 girls.” Oh boy.


“Yep. 3 girls and 3 boys”

……..*little pause for calculation sake….

“SIX KIDS? We decided, “One and one and we’re done!!!”

“Yes. We have 6 kids. How old is your new baby?”

“2 weeks.”

“Then you’re in now place to decide you’re done…” Said with a belly laugh and smile.

“This must be a blended family of some type.”

“No. They all belong to both of us.”

….. *another pause…

“Do you have any twins???”

“No. No twins. All single births.”

He then was too stunned to ask anymore questions.  I did get a complement at that point from the frazzled mom. That helps off-set the 3 headed looks you get at that point, haha!

I then say in the direction of frazzled mom, “Yeah, boys are always busy… always making messes… but with the girls you have all the great drama.”

Guy behind me, “You must have teenagers!”

“Well, one teenage son and a pre-teen daughter.” (I didn’t bother telling him the drama begins at around 8 months, ha!)

“I ask because I’m a youth minister in Mississippi.” (Of course, that makes you an expert in teenagers)

“OH really!”

Aside: I’m a Mississippi girl so this was interesting

Me: “Where in Mississippi?”

“XYZ town at XYZ First Baptist Church”

“Oh. I grew up in Ellisville.”

“Yeah, I’m here working on my doctorate at the seminary… and my wife is a student. She couldn’t drive since she just had the baby 2 weeks ago… so I drove her down.”

“Really? My husband works at the seminary.”

“Really? What area?

“He’s the chair of the church music division… Greg Woodward. Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. (hand shake) I’m Michelle Woodward. Nice to meet you.” (This would be a great time to mention that I’m wearing sweats head to toe and I’m pretty sure I was wearing the same make up I fell asleep in the night before.)

Well this is all fine and well. I’m sure this guy is a God-fearing man. He’s most likely a good youth minister and will be a great dad/husband. It’s not my intention to judge. I do find it peculiar at one meeting in a random Target that his opinions were so pronounced regarding having children. I just can’t help think that this man will week after week give his “one and one and we’re done” lecture to his youth group and probably the church in some capacity. Well, that’s real Biblical.

Don’t misunderstand, I realize everyone can not have a large family for whatever reason(s). Many times big families aren’t possible for medical reasons. This is NOT what I’m talking about. I AM suggesting that God’s will for the vast majority of the world today isn’t, “One and one and we’re done.” While I can not give you a pie chart of “God’s perfect will for family size,” I do see evidence in His word that He likes full quivers…. that having a large family is a blessing. I am suggesting that the church has bought into the lies of the enemy and has joined hands with the world in this area.

Look at it from a numbers standpoint! Christians should be producing and raising Godly young men and women for the Kingdom.. men and women warriors for Jesus! I’m afraid we will look around in a few years and see that other radical religions have out birthed us while we were fast asleep on the couches of “one and one.”

We need to pray for wisdom and discernment in every area of our lives… giving our entire bodies to the Lord for His purposes. It is not always easy having a big family. It’s not. Some days I can see how easy “one and one” looks. Then the Lord gives us a moment… a reminder that He is in control… that He LOVES children… that He uses children to make Godly men and women for His kingdom. 

Pray. Ask the Lord what He would have for you and your spouse’s family. Then pray for courage to walk in obedience.


6 thoughts on “Six-kid Shock

  1. Michelle,

    Possibly the Youth Minister (who, in my experience, somehow know NOTHING about teenagers; by the time they do, they are no longer Youth Ministers), just hasn’t slept in 2 weeks because of the new baby and that’s why the unusual mantra. We would have LOVED a house full of kids, but that wasn’t God’s plan for us. (My husband is a bi-vocational Music Minister, btw. Maybe it’s just us music people wanting a choir.)


    • You could be right, Melissa but I just got a feeling that he was pretty convinced of his mantra! God is not surprised by your situation… He is faithful. Be encouraged! Love you!

  2. Very sad. I was in Target with my little ones today and surprised a lady when we all piled out of one stall in the bathroom. “Wow! You’ve got a whole crew!” she said. I just smiled and didn’t tell her that I had one more. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my doctor’s one and one speech when we found out Jathan was a boy. I’m so blessed to have two and two and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

    • Ha! Yeah… On more than one occasion I’ve had part of my crew and people get worried. Sometimes I spare them the facts that there are 2, 3 or 4 more at home 🙂

  3. Had a confrontation of my own at Target last week. I have 3 precious girls and am 3 weeks away from giving birth to girl #4. Had 3 random strangers tell me that they hoped I was having a boy. Really? Who thinks it’s okay to say that? Then the next question/comment is something about how sad it is that I will never have a boy, that they are automatically assuming I would “quit trying” for that boy. We will gladly take as many children that the Lord wants to bless us with, girls or boys. My husband is a Southern Baptist pastor and our church definitely hears about children being a blessing, but it is sad how many Christians buy into the lie of “one and one and we’re done”. Thanks for not being afraid to speak the truth 🙂

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