It’s The Little Things That Will Get Ya’

This is a list I plan on adding to as they come to mind… Feel free to add your “little things.”

  • Just about the time you think laundry is caught up… you realize the kids haven’t brought the laundry down from their rooms in a week.
  • Do not expect more from a hair-dresser than their head shows.
  • The single greatest use of a Q-tip: Getting the glob of mascara off the bridge of your nose that came from the tip of the wand.
  • Once grits harden you might as well throw the dish away.
  • The first fall-like day always makes you more energetic.
  • Interesting things always like boy pockets better than girl pockets.

3 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things That Will Get Ya’

  1. Getting interrupted five times while trying to read a simple short article

    Never being able to potty by yourself

    Getting frustrated at the mess-only to find out that it was your husband that made it

    Getting splashed in the face while cleaning the potty- yuck

  2. The diaper sprayer doing its job too well… and completely missing the toilet (praise God for glasses and the common sense to close my mouth)

    Getting LO all bundled and strapped in the carseat to go to church, then PHFFTHFPHSHLFPH!

    Forgetting that I put the last bagel in the toaster oven on an indefinite time because I was “going to check on it.”

    Somebody didn’t close the rice bag… and it very well could’ve been me.

    The trash smells like death (the joys of a tuna eating family), but we’ll take it out tomorrow. mmmHmm.

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