Happy Birthday Boy3!

This weekend we will celebrate Boy3’s birthday. It’s hard to believe but he will be 8 years old. While we have 6 total children, Boy3 is the “baby boy”… (shhhh… don’t tell him). He will always be my baby boy. I plan on writing a blog around (notice the general term there) each of the children’s birthdays… so October is a great place to start!

October 28, 2003 I had my final OB appointment before I was scheduled to be induced in the wee hours of the next day. Seen as though I was over-due, my midwife tried to encourage things along. She gave me all the proper warnings, instructions and sent me on my way. Where does any mother about to give birth to her 4th child go after her final doctor appointment? Walmart. Yep. I did… I don’t remember what I purchased, but I’m sure milk, bread, sandwich meat, toilet paper, diapers (still had Boy2 in diapers) and some pretty smelling something was on the list.

Greg’s parents and my sweet mom were on their way from Mississippi since we knew that baby boy had no choice but to come the next day. I was trying to clean those messes that guests always find but you were somehow oblivious to when you see them everyday. I had been having some contractions all afternoon… really starting at Walmart but nothing super consistent. At that time Greg was teaching at Truett McConnell college and we had the annual swing dance that night. Greg and I love to dance (yes, we’re Baptist…!) We always have… Show-choir in high-school… school dances (where he won my heart) and whenever a good opportunity arose. That to say, we were NOT going to miss the opportunity for a good, clean dance! So we did. Greg’s parents and Mom graciously kept the kids and we were on our “final date” before the excitement of a new baby.

We’re there and enjoying some instruction on swing dancing and getting a good laugh at a few folks although  most people that attended the swing dances could hold their weight. I have always gained 40 plus pounds with each child and since I’m a whopping 5’2″ that should tell you what I looked like at this stage of the game… E-nor-mous. Now I should go ahead and tell you that I had not told Greg at this point that I had been having contractions virtually all day… I didn’t want to create a stir with parents and such needlessly.  During the dance fun, I was at the point that I was looking down at my watch and needing to stand still for a sec during these contractions. I decided the dance was over for me. I became a wall-flower and sat with some other instructors, staff and friends in the far corner. Greg is still in party mode. “Yes, honey, I’m fine… I just need a rest.” Song after song passes and all the while he is coming over to me… “Come dance!…. WHAT is wrong?…. Are you mad?….. Come dance with me!” I’ve put him off until finally he’s convinced that I’m being snotty and I whispered in his ear, “I’ve been having contractions every 6/7 minutes for the last hour and a half/2 hours. I CAN’T dance.” At that minute it seemed all music and talking stopped; so my whole table heard me… including a nurse. Well, the “panic” set it. “Really, I’m fine! I have realllllly long labors…” I sent Greg off to one last dance… an elderly lady needed a partner 🙂 and then we were on our way home. Straight to my bed to hunker down for an hour or so. I remembered how HUNGRY I get during those 20 plus hours of labor and my sweet father-in-law went out for a Subway sandwich (not many options in the big city of Cleveland, GA). I grabbed a few things after monitoring and we were off to Habersham Medical Center… strangely calm.

I walked in the ER and the triage folks sent me to the maternity ward. The triage nurse there asked me a bizzare question, “Why are you here?” Seriously? She hooked me up to a machine to make sure I wasn’t nuts. After nearly 3 hours of consistent contractions 5-7 minutes a part I had ONE stinkin’ contraction on that table. An hour on the table and ONE contraction- nothing to make your head spin either. My doctor was in and it was a CRAZY night… too many laboring women for that small hospital. He told her to give me some medicine to “help me rest” (make me shut-up) and put me in a room since I was scheduled to arrive only 6 hours later for an induction. This medicine made made me a little crazy. I remember begging my husband for green tea with lemons… “Is that too much to ask!?”… well at 12 midnight in Habersham county… Yes, it is! He did the right thing, tuck himself in for a few hours sleep before the party really began (and tried to ignore his drugged up wife) 🙂

After the medicine wore off, I woke up around 7 with one intense contraction literally on top of another. I realized that the nurse 🙂 had taken me off the monitor during the night. I immediately woke Greg, told him about the state of my contractions and told him the lady turned off the monitor. Greg’s a pretty nice guy… but he was ANGRY. You see, I had a section with our first so I HAD to stay on the monitor at all times to be sure the baby was ok and that my uterus had not ruptured. He goes yelling 😉 down the hallway… the new  nurse on call (Thank you, Lord Jesus! She was GREAT) came in, did an exam and decided to call  my doctor NOW. He is still in the midst of several labors/deliveries… a couple which were more intense- twins and one with great complications. This sweet nurse and my precious husband basically delivered the baby. The doctor walked in to basically tell me to push 3/4 more times and party was over. Since this was my first delivery with no pain medication, I remember saying to Greg, “I’m going to die.” At which point the doctor very unaffected said, “No, you’re not… push.” He was a great Christian doctor who was always friendly and kind… I suppose the the night was wearing on his nerves 🙂 haha! It makes for a great story.

That was it, October 29th… a BEAUTIFUL North Georgia fall day. My sweet baby boy was born. Brothers and sister came to visit later that day… grandparents… friends… all celebrating the birth of our son. He is a joy to my heart and to my life. I am so excited to see what the Lord does through his life. I pray that he will walk in truth and be a warrior-man for the Kingdom!


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