Toilet Troubles.

I just read a FB post by my friend, Robert. He and his precious wife, Juliet have 3 amazing boys. Robert posted a picture of one of those great “boy” toys… see through tubes, tunnels that are intended for one thing: balls. We have all had this “picture” happen to us. There was the see-through tube filled with miscellaneous items- none of which belong in the toy. His post read:

The good news is I found the remote. The bad news is Boy2 may have won this puzzle challenge. Any ideas {on getting the remote out} besides destroying the toy?

I couldn’t help but laugh. We’ve all been there… especially with our boys! It reminded me of one of my favorite stories… so I thought I’d share it with you all.

One spring day in the NE Georgia foothills: The toilet… it wouldn’t flush… well not correctly. A little would go down but not the whole bowl’s worth. I feared something was wrong… boy was I on to something!

Let me just pause and fill you in. I’m the handy one at my house. My husband is super-duper intelligent. He has a PhD from Florida State (GO NOLES!)… graduated with a 4.0 in fact… Greg can answer virtually any book, philosophy, Bible, political question… but if you need something untwisted, unclogged, a plumbing mystery solved, I’m your girl.  It’s just how I’m wired. Many who know me would find this odd. My father (retired Army soldier through and through) was never as proud of me as when I figured out how to unclog our toilet one morning. I was in high school. I had been out late with Greg… came in, sleepily brushed my teeth and heard something fall around the sink. I looked but didn’t see anything. The next morning I awoke to Dad and Mom having a panic attack because the toilet was clogged… TOTALLY. I glanced up and saw the aerosol deodorant can sitting there… top-less. I knew instantly what had happened. I knocked the lid into the toilet… and of course, I didn’t check the toilet for loose items the previous night. I assessed the situation and knew what must be done. I got all the water out of the bowl, heated the tip of a crochet hook with a lighter and quickly put the heated end to the cap in the bend of the toilet. You see the problem was that it had created a vacuum in the tubular part right past the bowl (I don’t do technical language… just stay with me). I had to break the vacuum… hence the hole. Sure enough, after 15 minutes or so of this melting process (and skint knuckles due to the porous surface of the bowl tube thing) I removed the DO lid and life was ago again. My dad talked for weeks… months… about his plumber daughter and the amount of money I saved him that day! haha! I must give Greg much deserved credit. After several ordeals with our main line in GA, he was able to rent a roto-rooter and unclog our main line… on more than one occasion. I’m so thankful… do you know how much $$$ that saved!? My Dad would be so proud of him!

Back to the previous toilet story. In GA… and I am pregnant.. it had to be either Boy3 or Girl2… not sure… but that won’t create difficulties in the story. Greg is at work. Very much like my Daddy, I can just see dollar signs flashing around… No need to pay a plumber. I can do this thing… “Plumber-Girl Activate!” I do all the normal stuff… plunger & small snake. Nothing. Next step: Ace hardware for a BIG snake. Nothing. After hours of this mess (no pun intended) I have determined I must pull up the toilet. Maybe there is something in the line. So here I go, unbolt that sucker and flip it over. I’m looking all down in the line with a light… I can see NOTHING. I try to run the snake down… nothing. About that time I glance over at the upside down toilet and the mystery was solved. I wish I had the thought to photograph my findings… but I didn’t. Coming out of the bottom of the toilet was nothing less than a toy Ninja Turtle (funny if you know the origins of the Ninja Turtle)… head first with his little arms as if he was trying to push his way out. Hysterical. So I removed him, put down a new seal, resat the toilet and life was ago again. I decided that moving the tub toy bin would be most advantageous.

So that’s my story of Toilet Troubles for the day… I hope I don’t have another one to share for a very long time. I sure do love my boys… all three of them. They hold this mother’s heart.

My 3 Sons


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