A “Sample Day” of the Woodward 8

Often we are asked about how “crazy” our lives must be… you know as parents of 6 kids ages 14 down to 2. Things can be quite interesting… here’s one such story:

This past Sunday morning began as most of our Sunday mornings do. We wake up earlier than usual and start the movin’ and shakin’.

“Get dressed……. yes, that includes your shoes……… help sister find her white sandals……. did you take your morning medicine?…… did you eat your breakfast?….. WHERE are your shoes?……”

You know… Normal stuff.

Greg is currently leading worship at a church an hour away. This adds to the excitement. We get there… lead worship… and gather out things to head out. The youth minister invited us to lunch… we declined so that we could drive closer (rather than farther away) to the interstate.

Where to eat? Well… there are several places near the interstate… which is, by the way, next to an outlet mall… and IT IS TAX FREE WEEKEND. So… we decided to forgo the long waits and start driving back toward home. Well, lets just say there are not a lot of options on the way home. We broke it to the starving (and some bitter by now) children that we would stop in Kenner to eat. Well at that point the gnashing of teeth began… “It’s SOOOO far away…. I’m STARVING.” This of course gave us a great opportunity to explain that this limited time of hunger can serve to remind us of so many who are hungry on an ongoing basis. Not extremely well received.

So we decided to do a “nice” lunch at Chilis. Let me just say that any dinner out with the whole fam is a big deal… a BIG deal. Today was no different. I go in to claim a spot for 8 while Greg parks. Greg comes in and we have to wait with the kids for a several minutes while they put 15 tables together for us.

I’ll just stop and let you know that Girl2 and Girl3 were wearing new dresses. They were tu-tu-ish in style with princesses on them. Yes, they were obnoxious… and YES they LOVED them. They were a little extra spicy in the dresses.

Back to Chili’s. We’re standing there waiting when an “English is not my first language” lady speaks to Girl2. She leans over, touches her tu-tu and says something about her dress being pretty. She responds with a comment about church… the lady didn’t understand so she says, “WhAAAAAt?” At that moment Girl2 says, “Homey don’t play that.” What do I say to that? The lady didn’t understand her and asked me, “What did she say?”… I just said, “She’s being silly” and offered a smile.

It took a small eternity to get our drinks and place an order. I broke a personal rule and ordered a steak with some grilled chicken. I knew better. I am spoiled to my husband’s steaks. But I wanted some red meat… and I really mean red… I’m a medium rare type of girl. Got my steak… well done. Sent it back, got another… well done. Never mind… just take it off my bill.

I ended up taking Girl2 to the restroom THREE times. UGH! I wasn’t fond of it the first time and time 3 was making be bitter.

We finally finish eating and packing up the leftovers… which by the way included another fresh, lovely grilled chicken meal :). Greg took everyone but Boy1 and Girl2 to the van to load and drive around. Here is were restroom visit 3 occurred. I finished paying and assessing the damages at the table. Once we finally got loaded Greg looked at the clock and realized we had been in Chili’s ONE AND A HALF HOURS… seriously??? Yep. He was right. I just had to laugh… life can be quite an ordeal with a big family!

Now for the icing on the cake. We drive up and begin piling out of the van. Girl3 tells me she’s “kinky-poopoo”. Sure enough she was. I took her to my bathroom with the intention of letting her splash off after a germ-filled morning and afternoon by this point. I took off the Cinderella dress and sure enough… she had poop all up her back… all the way to HER SHOULDER. I just had to laugh… and of course show Greg so he would know I wasn’t lying.

I have many more stories like this one. One thing is for sure, I’ll go to my grave with plenty stories of chaos, sibling rivalry, and poo-poo explosions. The good news is that I’ll also have many stories of kisses, adventures and lots of love. Having a big family does have challenges in today’s world… but I’d not change it one bit.


5 thoughts on “A “Sample Day” of the Woodward 8

  1. Boy, can I EVER relate to this one. Although the “kinky poopoo” days are over unless someone is majorly sick and cant help it…but now I get to be drug here and there looking and dreaming about wedding stuff while boy 3 wants to fish and still pukes if he eats one bite too much. šŸ™‚ love ya!

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