Mother Does Know Best

I recently watched “Tangled”… what a great movie! I was pleasantly surprised. Soon thereafter, I purchased the soundtrack from Amazon. I’m here to tell you… I LOVE the song, “Mother Knows Best.” If you haven’t seen it, or just need a laugh… check it out here.

After careful consideration I have no issue with this song. I completely relate to this “mother.” I have found myself listing much of the world’s dangers to my children: balloons, flu viruses, ticks… traffic, heelys, artificial sugars… choking, sunburn and rabid dogs. I am hereby committing to learn every lyric of that song and to sing it to my children on a regular basis. It’ s so funny! I’m not too far away from this crazy, non-mother…

In all seriousness, I do have a strong desire to protect my children… perhaps an overzealous desire. The difficult thing is to know when it’s too much. Here are 3 things that I’m impressed to protect my children from on a regular basis.

  • Media- Let me say right off that I’m not anti-media. I am a product of the 80’s and enjoy a evening around the television as much as anyone. The TV is totally full of trash. I’m not talking about things that aren’t educational or such. I’m all for entertainment if it is done in a healthy fashion. There are many varying opinions on this topic even within the realm of conservative Christians. I really despise all the potty mouth humor. It annoys me. I happen to have a couple children with unbelievable memories. I will have to listen to the potty talk for the next 3 months if they listen to too much of this type humor. Sometimes they do watch some of this stuff and I don’t think it will cause any great demise… but I try to make it the exception rather than the rule. I think the biggest danger is the visual sex we see all over the screen. Even when watching an “approved” show, the commercials can often be horrific. I suggest much is nothing more than soft-core pornography. How can we allow our children (boys and girls alike) to put these images in their minds. I’m often disturbed by the dress of teenagers on shows intended for young tweens and such. We must teach our children, especially our sons to guard their minds and hearts in Christ Jesus. Be an example, turn the channel… explain why it’s unacceptable… they will thank you!
  • Growing up too fast- Have you looked at a “typical” 5th grader these days? (I choose this age because I have a 5th grade daughter) Have you looked at the clothing, the make up… do you agree with me that they look more like 9th graders than 5th graders? Why do we feel that our daughters must look older than they actually are? Why do we push them into boyfriend/girlfriend relationships? Why not allow- or perhaps encourage- them to be kids while they can? I’m convinced this is a HUGE problem … one we will regret. I realized years ago (when observing a 4th grade boy/girl dance) that if we allow our 4th graders to behave like the 9th graders of years past we are setting them up for trouble. If we give them a dance in the 4th grade- what will they have “special” to look forward to when they hit prom time. If I dress my daughter like a 10th grader in the 5th grade… what am I saying to her? I’m afraid that many people, including Christians, are setting their children, particularly their daughters, up as sex symbols. I’m not saying I totally agree with the “old” way of doing things… just a thought. This is another reminder that I’m thankful to home-school- we have a little more control and influence in the maturing process.
  • Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationships- Some of you will click away at this point :)… I’ll go on the record. Greg and I started dating when I was 14 and he was 15. I’m so thankful the Lord put Greg in my life but I’m the first one to say that the Lord worked in spite of our dating. There was a BETTER way. Have you noticed that often there are mini-divorces within the walls of “dating.” We have parents attached to the boyfriend, the parents attached to the other parents, siblings attached to the girl-friend… it’s practically a mini-marriage. Once the break-up happens, we need to call in a relationship specialist to talk us all down off the cliff. My oldest child is 13. He doesn’t happen to be interested in dating at the time. I’m thankful. That being said, I’m not expert on parenting a child through this part of the journey… I’m coming from the perspective of one who dated and one who has seen much dating. I encourage my children to guard their hearts… to protect their minds… not to awaken young love... to save their hearts, minds and bodies for the man/woman Christ allows them to marry if marriage His will for their lives.

There are so many things we parents try to instill in our children. I don’t know much, but I do know that the Lord is the only chance we have to lead our children in the paths of righteousness. The Lord is the only chance our children have of being pure, innocent and Godly. He alone is our hope.

Years ago, I heard Adrian Rogers on the radio talking about raising his children. He said that the Lord impressed on his heart to change his prayers for his children to this prayer: “May they walk in truth.”… so simple but so profound. I pray that prayer often for my children.

“Lord, Jesus… may my children walk in Your truth.”


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