37th Birthday Fun

April 12th… MY birthday. I still look forward to my birthday… don’t we all? A day to celebrate LIFE! Here’s a birthday in the life of Michelle Woodward:

Celebrating year 37

The day started out last night, actually. I was exhausted after all the sports practices with Boy1 and was heading to the bed. On the end of my bed I saw a precious little hand made card… a heart folded in half… all colored and it read, “Happy Birthday Mom”… “from Eli”… What a great kick off!

I got up this morning and went to check email and messages. I saw a post on Facebook by my sweet husband.. he is out of town and ask my FB friends to share a fun memory of me. He then proceeded to share a memory or two himself. He is such a joy and blessing in my life. After my salvation, Greg is the most precious gift the Lord has given me…

I received many, many birthday wishes from friends on Facebook… which is so kind. I also received some kind words about Boy1 on an earlier post, “The Making of a Man”... it is always such a joy to receive encouragement from other moms.

While waiting for Boy1 and Girl1 had to get back from violin (current plan is to head over to the zoo and Cool Zoo today) and I was told by Girl 2, “Ok, Mom, you’re birsday is done… it is done now.” It’s only 10:30…  oh well. The joys of life are sometimes short lived.Girl2...

Quickly I realized that Girl3 was sick and needed to get into the doctor. So I scheduled an appointment for her and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and take Boy1 too… check out that nose and Sever’s disease. So the Zoo and Cool Zoo plans will have to be on hold.

We came home and relaxed for a while. I made some spaghetti for our dinner and then it was off to the grocery for a couple must-haves with boy3.

I’d say I was gone for maybe 45 minutes.. max an hour. I drive up and see a banner the kids made for me hanging over the front door. I walk in and was greeted by the kids with a cake. Yes, they made this entirely while I was away… chocolate cake, home-made chocolate icing, decorated with coolwhip and a sprinkle “M.” They sing happy birthday to me and then give me my gift. They pooled their money and were ready to order a beautiful mother’s ring (needed a grown up for that part)… they knew I was wanting a new one since my current mother’s ring had not been updated since boy3 was born. Did I mention that in the meantime while baking a cake Gir3 got sick… they had to clean that up and then bathe her. How they accomplished all this I have no idea.My Yummy Cake!

Hair FunEnjoying Birthday Cake


Our evening ended with a dose of Tylenol for Girl2 (fever…), Girl1 and I brushing each other’s hair… Boy3 heading off to bed with a headache… Boy1 typing away on a writing assignment… Boy2 crashing on the sofa like the good old-man he is… one last nebulizer treatment for Girl3… and “Who’s Line” for a few minutes… Great day!

They are amazing kids… I am blessed 6 times over


3 thoughts on “37th Birthday Fun

  1. I am exhausted just reading this post! But I imagine if this were my life — like it is yours — I would celebrate the adventure of every day, especially birthdays!

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