Bloody Nose Mama Trauma

Boy 1....

I had one of those “bad mom” moments….

I took our oldest to soccer practice. Practice last and hour and a half so I would jump across the street to TJ Max. I am enjoying shopping and go to pick him up. I wait a few minutes… chatting with Boy3… enjoying a few minutes together.  As we’re sitting there, I notice my son just standing there while the other boys are scrimmaging. Hm? He’s just standing while others are playing… going in and out… and he’s just standing there. I then see him go up to his coach and say something… sure enough he put him in. The scrimmage ends and they shoot PKs (penalty kicks)… all the boys shoot and Isaac is very last. Hm? I find myself getting irritated that he’s not being treated fairly or such. Practice ends and Boy1 comes to meet me across the field. I notice that he is just filthy… “dirt” on his face, especially his nose.

“Why is your nose so dirty?” Then it dawned on me. It wasn’t dirt it was dried blood. Sure enough, while I was shopping away my baby boy is getting busted in the nose.

He goes on to explain that he and another boy (a little shorter than he) were going up for a header. As they were coming down Boy1 hit his nose on the other kid’s head. “Mom, blood was just pouring…coach told the boys to watch me because I lost so much blood… he was afraid I would faint… BUT I asked to go back in :)” As the story continues, my guilt level is rising. Of course, there was a GOOD mom there… cleaning up his blood, shoving tissues up his nose… I apologize 50 times and he insists it’s ok. I’m pretty sure it is broken.

Chicago Fire Jrs... 2011

Then I realized… if I would have been there I would have traumatized him… “Are you ok… let me call the pediatrician… oh my word!!!…. Are you ok? We need to go… NO, YOU CAN NOT GO BACK IN AND  PLAY… HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND… you’re going to bleed to death!!!” so I guess it was best I wasn’t… at least that is what I’ll tell myself. Poor baby.



3 thoughts on “Bloody Nose Mama Trauma

  1. Awe Michelle, yes, it would have embarrassed him for you to have “mothered” him so gently. So it was probably a good thing you were shopping at the time. I cant imagine a “traumatized Ike”. I love you. I do hope he is doing ok!

  2. you are a great mom, michelle..havin been there or not:) you handle things so well and with such Christian grace:)

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