Bible-Time Turmoil

Sweet sisters (most of the time anyway)

A few days ago we were attempting to have our family Bible time before bed. So many times one of us will get tickled (self included… sorry, sweets) and it is hard to contain. This night was no different.

Greg would begin talking and BabyGirl3 would “talk” with him.

He would stop.

She would stop.

He would start.

She would start again… and it was loud! We all got tickled and tried to fight back the laughter.

Well Girl2 (age 3) started laughing at Girl2.

Poor Greg TRIED to keep it going… and it was too difficult.

Girl3 talking… Girl2 laughing at Girl3.

Greg finally says (in a firm voice)… “Girl2, Girl3 is a baby… but you’re a big girl, you know better… you’re going to have a spank if you don’t hush”…

She turns it around quickly and says in a serious tone, “Mama will send you to jail.”

Oh Well…

Needless to say, it was over for us all at that point….

Keep those family Bible times going- even through the laughter and talking! They ARE learning and you will treasure those memories!


4 thoughts on “Bible-Time Turmoil

  1. Love it! I like your blog layout too. I am still trying to learn WordPress and I find it not so user friendly and time consuming. Right now, my comment section doesn’t work and I can’t seem to find a way to add a place for folks to subscribe. But yours looks really great and your blogs are too fun!

    • Thanks Debbie! Well, it is my first experience with a blog (on my own) so I don’t know any different. you can add widgets- over on the left on your dashboard page. you have to drag and drop them over to the right to add them. you can order them within that little box on the right. that is where you can give folks the option to subscribe… I also added the word cloud (think that is what it’s called anyway)…. not sure about your comment section. i don’t remember doing much there… I bet you have something strange clicked. thanks for your kind words!!! Hope you are well!

  2. I LOVE moments like this. I can still remember once when Dad was saying the blessing at dinner, something stuck us as funny and we noticed the table slightly shaking. We all looked up to see mom in silent laughter mode (classic cheryl) I was hilarious….cherished memories!

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