A Few Of My Favorite New Orleans Things…

St. Louis Cathedral

I have to tell you that although I was born and raised somewhat of a country girl, I love the city. I especially love New Orleans… always have. I remember when Greg and I would “dream” of living in New Orleans… I suppose that was a desire the Lord put into our hearts early on. Some people despise New Orleans… some people love it. There is not much of a middle ground. I am always thinking about the things I love about New Orleans. Maybe I’ll share a few…

  • Food, GLORIOUS food! Seafood. Fresh, gulf shrimp… hot, boiled crawfish…. pond raised catfish… creme sauces, gravies and cheese cover almost anything you order. Gumbo, Jambalaya, and dirty rice are staples. King cake, Fruit Ice from Angelo Brocato’s, Char-grilled Oysters from Dragos, blackened anything and as many varieties of Po-boys as you can imagine… I’ve only touched the sandwich circle and wonder how I can try all the shops… don’t even think about Subway around this place. Enough said. Omelets from Camellias Grill, fried shrimp and gumbo from New Orleans Food and Spirits and a sloppy, gravy drowned, roast beef from Koz’s. Begneits… Cafe Du Mondé. Wonderful deliciousness of powered sugar and fried dough. Donuts on steroids I like to say. I’m not woman enough for the coffee… but I love the frozen Cafe Au Laits and the best Hot Chocolate. World class restaurants, hole-in-the-wall types of places and people’s back yards… People come from all over the world to eat our food, and we’re happy to have them!
  • Music. From Ellis Marsalis to the kid down the street… New Orleans never fails to impress. Opera, jazz clubs, church musicians and street side singers… we are in a city rich in musical history and culture. Marsalis, Connick, and the Neville brothers don’t even begin to put a dent in the rich legacy.
  • People… I think there must be more friendly people per square mile in Greater New Orleans and it’s vicinity than anywhere else in the US.  These people will feed you until you think you will pop…. and then they’ll feed you some more… and the “Who Dat” fever is still alive and well! This city is full of strong, determined men, women and children that no storm can hold down.
  • Ministry… There are so many opportunities to love hurting people in this city. I have never lived in a place that churches took outreach to local people more seriously. After I got over the  initial shock of having my children in such a dangerous city, the Lord has given me a heart for the people here. I’m blessed to be in a church that sees the value of ministry at home and abroad… ministry in places and to people some of us wouldn’t dare to encounter.

    Beautiful spring day in the french quarter...

    There are many locals getting their hands dirty in the name of Jesus. It’s a precious place to be.

There are plenty of negative things about New Orleans… things you’d want to avoid… things that can harm or hurt… but it is also a city rich in culture, beauty and hospitality.

Come on down… we’ll feed you real good!


6 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite New Orleans Things…

  1. Loved your blog! It’s awesome as a native to see that you and your family have embraced the city and all that it has to offer in such a short time! I can remember when I was younger when you and the Woodwards would come down to do Mardi Gras with us. You guys were die-hard paraders even then!

    Don’t forget to mention the awesome weather and outdoor activities! In New Orleans, you can pretty much wear flip-flops and shorts 9 months a year. There are so many activites that you can do on the riverfront and lakefront while enjoying the awesome weather. One of my favorite things to do is catch the streetcar from uptown to the riverfront and look at all the beautiful homes along the way. We also have world class facilites like the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium!

    • YES! The streetcar… how could I forget!? The Zoo and Aquarium are a must do too!
      The weather- Ok. The extreme humidity & heat I could do with out but the winters are wonderful!
      Thanks for chiming in, my NO native, friend! Hope you all are well! Feel free to chime in on some other topic when you have a minute!

  2. Yes! I feel sorry for people who don’t live in the South because they have never truly experienced good food. That’s by far my favorite thing about New Orleans. Red beans and rice changed my life.

  3. Two things that I would like to add architecture and history. NOLA has tremendous architecture, whether you are walking in the Quarter, driving through the Garden district or around the plantations near St. Rose. The eclectic assortment of buildings make a wonderful backdrop for pictures and memorable date nights.

    Synonymous with architecture is history. The rich history of New Orleans draws a multitude of people to the city each year. The hundreds of years of joyful Mardi Gras traditions, the sad slave quarters across the great Mississippi at Algiers Point, the 19th century paddle-boats, and the historic St. Louis Cathedral all give New Orleans a tremendous variety of options to the native Louisianian as well as the international traveler!

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention my favorite thing…Taking a ride on the Algiers ferry will do wonders on a stressed out individual. Only a dollar by car, or free by foot, it is amazing to ride across the magnificient river that has molded the culture of this city. And I’ll give you a little secret: if you have someone to cuddle with, sunset is the best time to go!!

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