Encourage a Mom Today!

My sweet boy....

Dirty diapers, dishes, mounds of laundry, sibling rivalry, fights… just some of the joys of being a mom. It can be so overwhelming… so discouraging. It can feel like the days go on and on and on and you still have to vacuum the van out. Then the Lord gives you a little glimpse. He gives you a glimpse that it will be ok. Many times this comes via someone sharing a kind word about your son or daughter. Just today I had a friend (with 3 small girls) mention that my 13 year old son offered to help her carry her groceries in her apartment a little while back. WOW! What an encouragement! He IS listening. He IS learning. He IS growing into a gentlemen. Thank you, Lord! The hard work is paying off! There is HOPE! Don’t we all need an extra dose of hope from time to time. Of course the Lord ultimately gives us all the hope we could ever need. I’m talking about those little doses of hope we need from a brother or sister in Christ.

We are so quick (self included) to be critical of parents and their children. It’s so easy to make quick judgments when we don’t know much if anything about the situation. We don’t know what happened 10 minutes before much less 4 hours before. Generally, Christian parents seek to make the wisest decisions they know to make at the time (as do many non-believing parents). We don’t all agree on parenting styles so we won’t always agree on decisions that require judgment calls.

The Bible consistently instructs us to encourage one another, to lift one another, to carry the burden of another… so let’s be about that business! Instead of being critical, be a help. Show a busy, worn out mom that her hard work is paying off… even if it is in small dividends :)…. it will make her day! I know it made mine today.

11Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify

(strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (Amplified Bible)


8 thoughts on “Encourage a Mom Today!

  1. Boy 1 is always extremely polite – even after he gets in trouble during science lab. JK!! You should be very proud of him.

  2. I really like this. I agree that we can so quickly judge/criticize others parenting/children. We should always be about edification and encouragement of our brothers and sisters. It’s what makes this life so much richer, more beautiful, and doable! I was glad that Brittany shared that story and knew that one day I hope someone could say the same about my boys 🙂 I’m excited for your testimony to God’s work in the life of your child!

    • Thanks for your encouragement! We just pray as parents that we make wise decisions and seek truth… all the while knowing we are fallible humans. The grace of the Lord is our only hope! You’re a great mom!

  3. Oh you just have no idea how badly I needed this post this morning. It follows many tears related to parenting just this morning. Great words of encouragement!

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  5. When my 14 yo son downloaded the big image to view he fell in love with the picture. He said, “It’s beautiful!”

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