My Family- The Body of Christ

I can’t stop thinking about my NOBTS family today. When you are in ministry, you are a family. Only ministry people understand ministry. It’s a club of sorts. Brothers and sisters in Christ joined by our faith in Christ and by our commitment to His service. When one of our family members hurts… our hearts ache with them.


Yesterday we lost a member of the NOBTS family… what a loss. I have never been in the military. My father was and would always giggle when the Navy was trying to recruit me my senior year of high school based on my ASFAB scores… the only standardized test I did really well on… haha! I have not served our great country in service but I do serve in a greater army of men and women. The men, women and children in the service of my God and King. I can only imagine what our servicemen and women must feel when they loose a member of their family. I feel like that today. We lost one of our own.


When people in the area find out I live at the Seminary in Gentilly they often ask, “What is it place!? What do you do over there?!” It’s simple to say but difficult to explain. I’m thankful and beyond blessed to be a part of the unique family of NOBTS. We share laughter, tears, joys and struggles. What a privilege.


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