I had the joy of sharing a few moments with some young women who are studying at the seminary this afternoon. We had lots of fun chat… mostly about parenting and homeschool. Sometimes the Lord gives us opportunities to share a portion of our journey’s story with others. I usually think it is for their benefit (ha!). It always seems to bless me the most. I was able to share some of my  musical journey, if you will, with one young, newly-wed, musically talented student.

I started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. That started the ball rolling. I continued to study piano formally for 13 years or so. Once I entered junior high school I was sucked into the vortex of choir and have never found my way out. I just love choral music. Once I entered Jr. College my major was a no-brainer. Music Ed. After 2 years of Jr. College I went on to USM. I studied voice with a much respected instructor. She saw potential in my ability and asked about my future plans. Truthfully, I had wanted to sing in broadway-type productions. I had several opportunities in local theater and Jr. College and found it thrilling.  I was being faced with what Blackaby refers to as a “Crisis of Belief”… Would I take advantage of her vast connections and take a swing at a spot on a stage somewhere or would I do what I knew God was calling me to. By no means am I seeking to judge those who are in the spotlight… I just knew what the Lord was calling me to. I let her know that once I graduated I wanted to get married and have a family. At that, her book of connections was back in her desk and my lesson continued on. I’ve thought about moment for years. It felt as if I was walking down life’s road and hit a fork. I think in many ways that was true.

Several years later I was sitting behind a piano in Havana, Florida waiting for the  morning worship service to begin. I had been dealing with my desire to SING… I wanted to SIIIINNNNGGGG! Not just for church… I I I I I WANTED TO SING for something “important”… to be recognized. To be a star. I was a little bitter if the truth be known. I was “nothing” musically speaking. That morning the Spirit gently (but ever so clearly) spoke to my heart. I WAS doing exactly what I was created to do. TO SING! YES! YES!!! I was singing for the Lord of all creation… ushering His people to the throne of God…. singing praise to Him. That WAS it! That was my lightbulb moment. THAT is why my mother paid for pricey piano instruction and sat in the hot car waiting for me hours on end… THAT was why I sang in choir all those years (not to mention that is where I met my husband)… THAT was why I studied in Dr. Wood’s studio… THAT is why I have a BME. It’s JESUS… it’s ALL about Jesus.

I’ll not say I never struggle with my inner prima-donna, ha! I occasionally get to let her out and run around. I will say that just as the saints of old constructed monuments to remember where they were and how the Lord got them there… that is a little monument for me.  I was created to worship. What an honor, privilege, a precious treasure to be able to serve the Lord… there is nothing greater than to be His instrument. Thank you, Jesus.



11 thoughts on “instrumentation

    • Mrs. Woodward! What! I’ll take Mrs. Michelle and nothing more… just Michelle would be fine with me… 🙂
      I’m so proud of you… so thankful to see you growing and maturing. I am so thankful to be even a small part of your life!
      What a joy you are to your parents!
      Love You!!!

      • Haha!! Yes, Michelle(I feel odd saying it) so…I’ll go with Mrs. Michelle! How is that? But seriously, with going into the Music field in some form(still praying about that, I’m thinking Education), it’s hard when you want to just be a Celine Dion or a Kristen Getty, and have everybody listen to you and feel the rush that if gives and touch millions of people with the emotion you can portray. When really sometimes God wants you to be a wife and mother and be a pastors wife and use the gifts God gave you in the church and touch one life that can touch millions of others or many lives even. Just through a simple, beautiful ministry such as music. And worship him with the instrument that he gives us! And you were so right when you told me the more you know the harder it is to focus on worshiping God and not thinking “Okay that note was flat”!

        Love Ya’ll and Miss You Guys!!!!

  1. I understnd the feelings–I didn’t realize the full potential of my call until I had reared my girls to young adulthood. Only when I began to lead God’s people in musical worship did I realize that this is what He called me to do in His service. I sing because He gave me the gift of song.

  2. And Michelle you were never more beautiful to the Master than when you sang that time in the soup kitchen for all those homeless people. That has marked my life and will be a memory I will never forget-here you are with a voice many would die for and you used it to honor God and sing for “the least of these”. You know I love you and look forward to standing next to you in heaven as you sing to our Jesus face to face. 🙂

    • You’re kind, T… Thank you for your kind words. Truth is… I didn’t want to write all that. I started to shut it down a couple times… a little too “real”…. ha!
      I love you and am thankful for your influence in my life and I plan to be the first in line to stand by you! (I’ll take 2nd place to Eric and that’s it)

  3. I remember the day I had that same realization! 😀 What a humbling and thrilling moment! I always thought my life goal would be to perform on Broadway…now, nothing brings me a greater thrill than when God gives me a song to sing back to Him!

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