The Impetigo Incident

As any decent mother does from time to time, I found myself recently threatening our oldest son, #1boy (age 12 at the time) with the dreaded impetigo.

I found him picking at a mosquito bite on his leg that was looking reddish. I explained that he MUST quit picking the sore and that if he didn’t that he would get impetigo which could likely turn into a staff infection and then could spread to gangrene and then there was the possibility of having to have his entire leg cut off. The clincher was that I always tell the kids that if they get impetigo from picking at a wound then THEY will have to buy the medication themselves- #1boy did this in the past so I know the medicine costs $60 (after insurance). That usually gets their attention.

At that time we were serving at a church on the Northshore with a small-town adult choir. I was in the nursery that day with #2littlegirl and #3baby girl while Greg was conducting a rehearsal. Since there are few choir members, Greg has added #1boy into the mix. He’s doing quite well as a matter of fact. Well after the rehearsal, Greg did the typical, “Does anyone have any prayer requests?”. Several people mentioned prayer concerns one of which was a lady who mentioned her sister. Her sister was in the hospital with a staff infection on her lip area. #1boy raised his hand looking mortified and asked, “Ma’am, did your sister pick at her lip?????” I’m just glad I wasn’t there, ya know??? Greg said that he was traumatized and froze, unable to say or do anything of a recovering type. The lady (kindly) began a detailed description that began with: “Yes, she did pick at her lip…”

How awkward. I don’t think I’ll ever have to threaten impetigo again.


6 thoughts on “The Impetigo Incident

  1. So glad I could be of help 🙂 That is a SERIOUS problem in our world today,it runs rampant everywhere !!!
    I had to laugh with your synopsis of the conversation, it put a BIG smile on my face. I never knew what a big impact it had on #1boy!
    I even called my sister about it, what a hoot you are !!! I miss you guys !

    • Thanks friend! What a hysterical story. I wish you could have seen/heard it from our perspective… the timing of it all… so funny! Greg was MORTIFIED… so glad you weren’t upset… haha! Love you and miss you all!

  2. I told my two the other day that if they did something stupid while hiking Mount Yonah and died, I would kill them when I got them home. They didn’t seem to understand the gravity of my concern for their safety while they were snickering at my threat.

  3. BWAH HA HA! So funny!

    I’m forever telling my kids not to get hurt because I do NOT have time to go to the hospital. Haven’t thought of making them pay for their own medicine, though! That would definitely work on Keeleigh.

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