Little Girl For Sale: All Reasonable Offers Considered

A “real-life” story from a few months ago:

I did it! I made that Wal-mart trip. I was happy to find the shampoo 2-1 that we like on sale. So I purchased 2- 2 packs. As usual, I had #3boy take the shampoo and other purchased toiletries to my bathroom counter for me to put away the next free moment I had. As I was spending those last few minutes laying in my bed this morning, I heard a strange noise. The noise was the noise a shampoo bottle would make as you are squirting out the last few drops. Since I was basically asleep it didn’t register. Then it happened again… IT REGISTERED! So I did that ninja jump out of bed and ran into the bathroom to find sweet #2babygirl standing at the tub holding an empty shampoo bottle. It was on the towels, down both the inside and outside of the tub, on her PJs, the floor and all dirty laundry that might be nearby. I immediately undressed her and put her in the tub. She had enough shampoo on her to fill my large garden tub with 13 million bubbles. I began looking and not only did she empty one bottle, she emptied another to about half full and a 3rd to about 3/4 empty. Needless to say, this sort-of counteracted my shampoo sale. I decided that she must be put up for sale. As I was watching her play in the bubbles (happily I might add) I was cleaning up. As her rubberduckies sat nearly motionless on the thick bubbles, I stepped on one of many slick spots and nearly fell. I thought, “It’s like an oil slick in here”… THEN IT DAWNED ON ME! She’s not a bad little girl… she’s trying to recreate the BP oil spill and is seeking to understand the physical ramifications thereof…

So who knows, maybe she will be a great biologist one day… perhaps an oil tycoon… who knows, but I think she’s a genius in the making and I’ve decided to keep her. The good news is she’s the cleanest girl in New Orleans.


2 thoughts on “Little Girl For Sale: All Reasonable Offers Considered

  1. It sounds like a scientist in the making. She was working on her first science fair project. Thank you for being so transparent. So many will benefit from your blog. I look forward to following it.

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